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Published in 2024 - special pre-order price!

Rowing moments
Crossed perspectives of three sports photographers

Sports photography is an art that captures the action but also the emotion that emerges from the effort.


Sports photographers are often the privileged witnesses of the great moments of this sport: they immortalize moments of victory and defeat, individual exploits and collective performances, while reflecting the strength and beauty of this sport.

This book is a celebration of rowing, a tribute to all rowers. Whether you are a sports fan or a photography lover, we hope you will find these pages a source of inspiration and pleasure.

Non-contractual layout

The book in a few points

  • Pages : approximately 120 pages

  • Format : paperback 29 x 22 cm

  • Impression : printed on 150gr semi-matte paper

  • Language : French and English 

Pre-order price


We need 350 subscriptions to start printing. If, however, we are unable to obtain them, pre-orders will be fully refunded.




Anthony Benoit


Frank Leloire

Eric Marie.jpg

Eric Marie

Anthony Benoit has spent most of his life around rowing pools. He was first a coxswain and several times a World Championship medalist. Then rowing became a source of inspiration and the trigger for his passion for photography. Self-taught, curious and open to the world, he took advantage of stays in Scotland, Mexico, Latin America and India in particular to enlarge and broaden his vision as an artist and human. Today, it is in the Netherlands that he continues a unique life journey, above all dictated by passion and the love of discovery. Because for him each new challenge that presents itself is an opportunity, each error, a happiness and each success, an invitation to boldness.

Frank Leloire, self-taught photographer and passionate about wide open spaces and sports, he started in 2005 with underwater photography then in 2017 moved towards landscape photography. Very quickly he was attracted by sports photography and particularly focused on rowing photography. Since then, he has worked to capture the emotion and the effort through the eyepiece of his camera while trying to promote this sport.

Éric Marie, professional photographer and founder of Médias Aviron who since 2010 has covered French and international rowing news closely, notably through the magazine MagAviron.

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